subjects of project application

  • Primary Production

Unprocessed products

          Sub-headings: Cereals, pulse, oil seeds; fresh fruits and vegetables; olive; forestry products; medicinal and aromatic plants;

          animal products and aquacultural products.

  • Food Processing and Technology

Processed products

          Sub-headings: Cereals, pulse and oil seeds products; processed and dried fruits and vegetables; olive oil;

          processed forestry products; processed animal products and processed aquacultural products.

  • Packaging and Packaging Materials

Projects aimed at innovative packaging methods that will create value-added in foods

  • Marketing and Value Chain Management

Projects aimed at improving food sector from production to consumption

  • Special Category

Green Production Practices in Food

Product Design: From Tradition Towards the Future



Subjects requested to be studied by the private sector:

  • Innovative packaging methods in olive and olive oil sector
  • Alternative and sustainable raw materials in the confectionary sector, functional products, cost reduction and quality improvement processes, smart packaging systems
  • Development of alternative biological control methods to chemical control in fruit and vegetable cultivation and economic improvement of existing methods
  • Development of methods for reducing the rate of wastage in harvesting and packaging of fruits
  • Development of methods to extend shelf-life of  aquacultural products
  • Development of automation techniques for packaging and processing plants in aquaculture

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