IV. International Food R&D Brokerage Event

Event Program

24th May 2016, Tuesday

09.00 - 09.30


09.30 - 10.15










11.00 - 11.45



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14.00 – 14.15




14.15 - 14.45



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Registration and Reception


Official Opening Speeches

- Birol Celep

- Sabri Ünlütürk

- Mehmet Büyükekşi

- Aziz Kocaoğlu

- Mustafa Toprak


Panel: Innovation and New Discoveries in Gastronomy

- Murat Bozok-Chef


Conference: Future Food Packaging

- Oktay Duran - Chairman of Duran Doğan Basım ve Ambalaj Sanayi A.Ş.


Panel: Angel Investors

- Investor and Entrepreneur Meeting




Opening Speech

- Mahmut Özgener – Chairman of Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association

                                Former President of Turkish Football Federation


Conference: The Story of the Cuisine Under the Innovation

- Ayhan Sicimoğlu


Panel: Success Stories of Izmir

- Moderator: Ahmet Güzelyağdöken-Founder of Izmir Gourmet Guide

- Feridun Tuncer - Founder of Baydöner

- Funda Baltalı - Founder of Baltalı Gıda Ltd. Şti.

- Hasan Küçükkurt - Founder of Bortar Group


Conference: Design Food, Not Chair

- Merve Kurt - Bold Atelier

- Egemen Tamcı - Bold Atelier


Panel: Country Case Studies in R&D

- Prof. Dr. Uygun Aksoy - Ege University (Turkey)

- Prof. Dr.Martin Scholten - Wageningen University (Holland)

- Prof. Dr. Jozef Kokini - Purdue University (USA)

- Prof. Dr. Moshe Flaishman - Volcani Institute of Agricultural Research (Israel)


Conference: New Horizons for Entrepreneurs

- Barbaros Epikmen Tunç


Award Ceremony and Prolonge Cocktail

- Performer: Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin All Star

Awarded Projects

Student Category -1st.

Project Owner: Halil YÜCELİK

Project Title: Production of Phycocyanin from Spirulina Platensis

Student Category -2nd.

Project Owner: Burcu ŞİŞLİ

Project Title: Production of Traditional Jam from Black Pine Tree (pinus Nigra L.) Young Cones

Student Category -3rd.

Project Owner: Samed AYDIN

Project Title: The Effect of Pine’s Resin to Fruits’ Shelf Life

Researcher Category-1st.

Project Owner: Yurdagül ESERKAYA

Project Title: A Techno-enterprise Development Project for Biological Control of Local Industry in Our Country: Eco-food Production and Insects

Researcher Category-2nd.

Project Owner: Kadriye Arzum ERDEM GÜRSAN

Project Title: The Disposable Eco-friendly Electrochemical Sensors Based on Herbal Silver Nanoparticles

Researcher Category-3rd.

Project Owner: Hande YÜCE

Project Title: Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acid From Microalgae with High Dha Composition

Event Photographs

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